Opportunity is alive for Station Street

Part of the foundation of urban planning and design is about improving our public realm and urban spaces. Place making takes this one step further by aiming to improve people's experiences in these spaces, and to allow people to create positive memories in place.

TPG + Place Match have been preparing the draft Station Street Place Making Strategy for the Town of Cottesloe, which looks at several strategies to improve the public realm of this important street within the Cottesloe town centre, and improve its overall image and activity to invite people to enjoy its spaces.

The draft Strategy is presently out for public comment until 6 January 2017, and is available for download from the Town of Cottesloe website www.cottesloe.wa.gov.au. We are hosting two workshops with the Town of Cottesloe as part of the engagement period, which will be held at the War Memorial Hall at the Town of Cottesloe to seek feedback on the strategy. The two times are: 6pm-8pm on Wednesday 30 November, and 10am-12noon on Saturday 10 December. RSVP to dsao@cottesloe.wa.gov.au or 9285 5042 to reserve a spot.

One of the key short-term priorities is to re-establish connectivity between the aptly named Station Street and the Cottesloe train station. Presently, accessing Station Street requires walking from the bottom of the station overpass approximately 100-150 metres north or south along Railway Street. This includes introducing two staircases in line with Station Street at the bottom of the pedestrian bridge, along with re-formatting the intersection with Railway Street to enable pedestrian friendly movement to the station.

Each of the priorities raised within the document are either short-term, medium-term or long-term priorities. These priorities aim to deliver the overall strategy from quick-wins injecting life into the street, through to transitional changes and managing re-development.

The strategy ties in with the place vision and position for Station Street, ensuring that its offer would be complementary not competitive to the success of Napoleon Street. The vision and place offer for Station Street looks at tying in railway and coastal influences with vibrant lighting, bright, colour and eclectic interventions, embracing connectivity with the station and broader town centre and emulating the themes of fun, energy and collaboration.

Station Street can provide a unique offer to the community, allowing visitors and locals to stop in the street and enjoy time amongst vibrant offerings and landscape. The 'pocket park' proposed near the existing bus shelter provides an exciting opportunity to create a public space within the street, where local workers and visitors can sit and eat their lunch in a pleasant environment.

Read more about the draft Strategy here in the Western Suburbs Weekly.

Bronwyn Slater - Urban Designer

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