TPG appointed to prepare the Bayswater Activity Centre Plan

TPG is excited to announce our recent appointment by the City of Bayswater to prepare the Bayswater Activity Centre Plan (ACP). The main goal of the ACP will be to facilitate the development of a vibrant and sustainable town centre by providing a quality planning tool that describes and graphically illustrates a well-considered vision for the centre.

This will be aided by engaging with the community and stakeholders in an open discussion around what they value about the centre, how the unique characteristics of the centre can be preserved and enhanced, and how the centre can realistically accommodate an increased level of activity and a larger population. Through this process we will endeavour to balance the many divided interests expressed over the last few years.

Our town and heritage planners, urban designers and community engagement specialists will be joined by AEC Group (economics) and Flyt (transport planning) and will work in collaboration with the City of Bayswater on this venture. The ACP is envisaged to be the means of catalysing and implementing the revitalisation of the Bayswater Town Centre, which we hope will be accompanied by a sense of ownership by the local community.

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