Rejuvenating Our Inner Urban Industrial Areas

From years of experience, we recognise that the shrinking role of traditional manufacturing in the core parts of urban areas and the exodus of many businesses to locations where land is cheaper is a trend witnessed in cities nationwide. Centrally located industrial areas across capital cities are experiencing pressures as a result of changing industrial land use trends and encroaching residential uses.

The Dianella Industrial Area, located on the corner of Walter Road West and Grand Promenade, has been in steady decline over the past few decades. The experience of the area as a declining industrial precinct close to a major city CBD is not unique. The site's appeal is currently limited to legacy users (those who have owned and occupied premises for many years) with high vacancy levels and undeveloped sites being testament to this situation.

To address this problem, the City of Stirling commissioned TPG, in collaboration with the AECgroup, to investigate a series of redevelopment opportunities to rejuvenate the area, including innovative land use approaches to co-locate low impact industry and residential uses to foster a new form of employment centre.  Whilst in its infancy, the project investigates the possibilities of accommodating an eclectic mixture of light industrial businesses with residential being provided above. To maintain local employment opportunities and promote small business development in the area, a tailored land use zone was considered as one possible approach. Suitable planning mechanisms will need to achieve the necessary level of land use control and to alleviate risks associated with mixing these land use types.


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