How does multi unit residential development contribute to 'place'?

Andrew Howe recently moderated a panel discussion at the Property Council's one day conference on Multi Unit Residential Development. The speakers on the panel included Deon White from Roberts Day, Samantha Reece from Property ESP and David Ockenden from Lend Lease. They were asked to speak about how multi-unit residential can contribute to 'place' and whether it was just through the addition of more people or whether there was additional benefits.

Deon's presentation on the Subiaco Pavillion development proposal provided some answers to this question by outlining how it would, in due course, re-activate a large section of the Subiaco CBD and that extensive engagement had been undertaken with the community to ensure the planning for the site and buildings had got it right. David ran through the place making elements for their large Waterbank project in East Perth, where they had been considered and deliberate in their attempts to define the locale's sense of place and ensure those qualities were integrated in the new development.

Samantha gave an excellent presentation about how TOD's not only assist in delivering sustainability and urban intensity but also provide demonstrable financial returns through sustained increases in land values, over and above those of comparable residential areas without access to high frequency transport.

The key messages from the session were, that if multi unit (mixed use) development was appropriately located, such as in TOD's, then the benefits of additional people to assist in activating the place was only part of the story. Financial benefits were also likely, urban regeneration often ensued and businesses that provide much of the activation also thrived. The rider on all this is that the developments must be place sensitive and authentic.  Importing ideas from other cities or providing generic urban solutions was unlikely to deliver what it is we are all looking for in our cities and neighbourhoods, opportunity and connection.

Are you aware that we are currently working on place making projects that hope to deliver these same authentic and connected places?  If you would like to find out more about our place making services please contact Andrew Howe.

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