Developing New Relationships to Effect Real Change for our Regional Communities

TPG has been at the forefront of town planning and urban design in WA for over two decades.  More recently we have developed a body of experience in delivering strategic planning and development projects in the remote regional areas of Western Australia.

Working alongside state and local governments, we have noticed a gap in the skill sets required to create and nurture more resilient communities.  To plug this gap we have developed new relationships and are collaborating with key strategic partners with sound connections in this area.  This will allow our diverse knowledge base to affect positive change for some of the remote regional people and communities.

To help with our approach in making a real difference, TPG has developed a partnership with Kim Bridge of Kim Bridge Associates (KBA), who has provided us with a better appreciation of the role we can play in the Indigenous space. KBA is a consulting business built over twenty years experience working in the business and economic environment, particularly with Indigenous Australians, both at an individual and community level.

We have also developed a relationship with Matt Hansen, a native title, energy and resources lawyer. Matt has specialist experience in engaging with aboriginal communities.  Matt assists TPG to develop relationships with companies and individuals who want to be involved in the movement to create positive social and economic enhancement for aboriginal communities.

Our key planners nominated to drive this initiative at TPG have worked as senior consultants in regional areas of WA and have experienced first hand some of the societal issues facing indigenous people.  We have the expertise to assist local communities in understanding and responding to redevelopment impacts on these remote towns and communities.

Ultimately, TPG aim to ensure that we play a much greater role in assisting our indigenous people and communities benefiting from the same opportunities, expectations and standards as non-Indigenous people whilst maintaining a strong, independent and vibrant culture.

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing, you may contact Gary McCullough on 9289 8300 or gary.mccullough@tpgwa.com.au

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