Get a Move On!

On Wednesday the Committee for Perth and RAC officially launched 'Get a Move On!' a year-long research project that will assess commuter preferences and behaviours in Perth. The first research insight included a commuter survey that looked at different transport modes, usage and costs and how these related to people's decision-making.

The project was initiated to provide an evidence base that will enable the development of informed transport strategies and responses through the Perth and Peel region. 

Some of the findings from the initial survey confirmed what many people already know.

  • 71% of people use their car because it's convenient
  • 64% of drivers are frustrated by congestion
  • 65% of train users believe its overcrowded
  • 53% of cyclists say there is a lack of cycleways
  • 96% of cyclists and 87% of walkers did it because it provided health benefits
  • Light rail is the number one public transport option for middle and inner areas of the CBD

However, one of the most interesting findings was related to commuter satisfaction. People who walked and cycled as part of their daily commute were less frustrated, and enjoyed their journey much more than those who used a car or even caught public transport. This says two things.

Firstly, that there should be improvements in the existing public transport system to reduce people's frustration with their journey, and this could be in many different areas (timing, accessibility, number of services etc.). Secondly, it says that walking and cycling are the most enjoyable modes of transport, and these journeys are often taken over much shorter distances. Therefore reducing commute distance and giving people more opportunities to live closer to their area of employment is imperative in encouraging active and enjoyable transport.

This relates back to increasing densities in order to give people the option of locating more proximate to their place of work, and also making improvements in public transport more viable. Once again we see the message of increasing density to provide improved public benefits.

You can read more about the project here: http://www.committeeforperth.com.au/researchGetAMoveOn.html


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