From Train Stations to Destinations -
A Place Perspective

With Perth's city building focus shifting and Metronet firmly in the foreground, it is now time to change our thinking about how to deliver great place outcomes in a public transport context.

And this requires us to put people's needs at front and centre of the process.

Today, there are so many transport choices and motivations and technology are continuing to disrupt how we move around.  Further, as research shows, Millennials are changing the game with their attitudes to car ownership, driving and even obtaining a license in the first place it's no longer the panacea. The traditional stigma around public transport is breaking down and we need to provide services and facilities to match customer expectations and enhance their transport experience both on the journey and at the destination.

At the Property Council's May Business Lunch, TPG+Place Match presented a place perspective on the topic of creating destinations from train stations and you can find the presentation below. 



This looked at what we can do to improve existing train stations on the heritage and freeway lines and how to evolve our current mindset and our planning and place management approach to create better, more integrated outcomes for future station projects. 

For more information on our thinking and approach, contact Lisa Montgomery on 9289 8300 or lisa.montgomery@tpgwa.com.au




































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We'd like to let you know of an exciting change here at TPG Town Planning, Urban Design and Heritage.

We have joined forces with Western Australia's only specialist place-making consultancy, Place Match, to create an exclusive one-stop shop for place creation services.

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