Affordable Housing - A must have conversation

On the 1st of May TPG held it’s inaugural ‘Partners in Practice Series’ Seminar in association with SGS Economics & Planning.  This half day seminar was held at our offices to progress discussions on the very topical subject of Affordable Housing. 

Delegates discussed the many challenges in getting affordable housing on the ground and debated the various ways in which Affordable Housing may be defined.  At the outset TPG’s Managing Director, David Caddy, suggested that a starting point for this definition may be that “’Affordable Housing’ is not Housing Affordability, it is not Affordable Living but is defined as an Independent Dwelling Unit affordable to and occupied by low to moderate income householders.”

Ryan Keys, the Acting CEO of MRA, outlined the MRA’s objectives in ensuring that throughout the different project areas, those experiencing housing stress can access accommodation.  Ryan also espoused a key theme of the seminar which was to provide accommodation appropriate to the needs of key workers irrespective of geographical location.

The devil definitely is still in the detail as to whether or not the planning system should be utilised in delivering the product.  Marcus Spiller from SGS put to delegates the thought-provoking concept of mandating inclusionary zoning provisions in planning schemes backed up with a Developer Contribution Plan.

Stewart Doran from Curtin University outlined the hypothesis of his evolving dissertation on micro–apartments and whether or not they present a viable solution to providing affordable housing in Perth.

Foundation Housing’s Chris Milne presented a discussion as to the benefits and competitive advantages to the private investor in working with community housing providers.  Chris suggested that we need to change the playing field for affordable housing and that a key element is in attracting subsidies.

All in all, the inaugural seminar was a great success and we look forward to a very successful series.


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