Direct to you from the Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement Master Class at the University of Sydney.

Day 2 | What's my key learning from today?

Ideas generation, as an approach, is applicable to more than just public deliberation!

Developing ideas is a key element of deliberative processes, however it struck me that the simple process or techniques used to generate ideas can be used in a plethora of situations.  At TPG we are all about developing ideas, so why can't we ensure these simple techniques help us and our clients.  And indeed we do sometimes.

1. Involve everyone, many heads are better that one. Ask people in your organisation to come up with ideas and have a conversation.
2. Simplify the problem by rewording the problem or simply taking a different perspective, this opens up opportunities for discussion and ideas generation.
3. Create time and space, because you cant force creativity.  Solutions are often found when you are focusing on them the least.
4. Remove distractions, by not putting yourself or people in a position where they are not focussed.
5. Always engage with those that will be using the end product/outcome.
6. Have a leader to ensure the process of generating ideas moves forward.
7. Provide encouragement, as this is a trigger for people to speak out who don't normally.
8. Introduce visual prompts so that people can understand or extend their thinking.
9. Record the inspirational moments so that you can work on these in more detail later.
10. Engaging the team to also look at bad ideas as a way of stepping away from the problem whilst still being creative.

If you want t know more, go to "Building Change Trust" web page.

Cath Blake-Powell, Director + Principal TPG Conversations

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