Bentley Park Master Plan


Following a review of its Strategic Plan, SwanCare Group identified the need to update the 2008 Master Plan for Bentley Park to reflect a shift in strategic direction. Having worked on the original Master Plan, TPG were appointed to provide an overarching plan that provides clear direction on the redevelopment and future configuration of the site. TPG Conversations provided the critical communication link between our in-house technical professionals and the residents, SwanCare staff and key stakeholders.

TPG facilitated a number of resident and Board workshops that set the vision for Bentley Park as well as guide them through the design process. This approach built the capacity of the residents and the Board to understand the design rationale as well as influence the Master Plan outcomes. Adjoining landowners and the City were also included in the conversations around the future of the site. This proactive approach, mitigated the risk of project delays and ensured that concerns or issues were addressed early on in the process. Key tools that were used included resident workshops, stakeholder liaison, Executive and Board workshops, hard copy displays, presentation and feedback sessions, and signs on site to communicate the project.

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