Banksia Grove Town Centre

Client: Coles Group Property Development Limited

TPG Town Planning, Urban Design and Heritage (TPG) has prepared this report on behalf of the landowners to support a development application for the development of the first stage of the Banksia Grove Town Centre located at No. 1000 (Lot 9036) Joondalup Drive, Carramar (the subject site).

The subject land is zoned 'Urban Development' under the City of Wanneroo District Planning Scheme No.2 (DPS2), and is subject to the Banksia Grove District Centre Local Structure Plan (Banksia Grove LSP). Under the Banksia Grove LSP, the retail floorspace within the Town Centre is limited to 20,000m2 NLA. There is also a Heads of Agreement in place apportioning the retail floorspace between Lots 9036 and 9128, with Lot 9036 being apportioned 37.5% of the retail floorspace across the Town Centre (7,500m2 NLA).

The proposed development will incorporate a number of different retail tenancies, the exact details of which will depend on finalised leasing arrangements. Whilst these tenancy-leasing arrangements are yet to be finalised, the proposed development includes a supermarket, a range of specialty retail and café tenancies, as well as a number of commercial tenancies, service station and fast food outlets, which collectively form the first stage of the main street of the Banksia Grove Town Centre.

In summary, the application proposes the following:
  • A high amenity contemporary built form, incorporating activated tenancies that will establish a 'main-street' integrated with the supermarket in accordance with the Banksia Grove LSP.
  • The construction of an at-grade car park around the periphery of the main street, which can be adapted and extended to accommodate future development of the Town Centre.
  • The construction of appropriately positioned service areas, including those associated with the potential future development of fast food premises.

The report details those aspects of the statutory and strategic planning framework relevant to the proposal and provides an assessment of the development against the provisions of the City's DPS2, the Banksia Grove LSP, relevant aspects of the City's local planning framework and applicable State level planning policies.

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"Curtin University engaged TPG as the lead consultant for the preparation of a Place Activation Plan to assist and guide the University as it transitions from an inwardly looking and isolated suburban campus in to a vibrant people focused urban centre. The work undertaken by TPG and their team is exemplary and sparked the imagination of the Curtin population to such an extent that the initiatives proposed have greatly influenced the future direction of the University. This is a rare achievement indeed for any Organisation.

The team, led by TPG, were professional and future facing – that is, they knew how to engage with all sections of our diverse community creating a compelling place based approach to campus redevelopment. It is with pleasure that I endorse the work of TPG as a leader in the field of Place Making in Perth".

Andy Sharp
Director, Campus Development


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