Amendment No. 46 to City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme No. 6

The City of South Perth is currently advertising an Amendment (Amendment No. 46) to its Town Planning Scheme No. 6 (TPS6) that seeks to significantly alter the existing provisions relating to development within the South Perth Station Precinct Special Control Area.

TPG has been involved in a number of recent large-scale development projects within the South Perth Station Precinct, which have sought to capitalise on a planning framework conducive to encouraging private sector development that takes advantage of the areas proximity to the Swan River and the Perth CBD. One of the key aspects of the current scheme provisions is that for sites within the nominated 'Special Design Area' there is no upper height limit when certain performance criteria are met.

The City first advertised Amendment No. 46 for public comment in early 2015, with the original intent being to rectify anomalies, clarify ambiguities and strengthen the existing performance criteria relating to building height variations.

However, at a Special Council Meeting held on 27 October 2015, the City of South Perth Council resolved to endorse a set of significant modifications to Amendment 46, which have the potential to profoundly effect the development of the South Perth Station Precinct in the future and preclude large-scale development of the type recently approved in the locality. These modifications propose:

1. A reduction in the extent of the Special Design Area, so as to exclude the following Mill Point Road properties:

a. East side: between Ferry Street and Frasers Lane; and
b. West side: between Judd Street and Scott Street.

2. The introduction of absolute building height limits for sites within the Special Design Area.

3. A maximum 10% variation from the minimum lot area and frontage requirements, being one of the pre-conditions for sites within the Special Design Area.

4. Increased street setbacks in certain streets, including Bowman Street, Charles Street. Hardy Street and parts of Mill Point Road.

5. A mandatory 1.5 minimum non-residential plot ratio for sites within certain sub-areas.

Due to the significant nature of the changes, Amendment No. 46 is now being re-advertised and is open for public comment until 5pm, Friday 5 February 2016.

We urges anyone with an interest in the area to take the time to review the Amendment documentation, and we would be pleased to discuss the resultant implications for development within the Precinct with any interested parties.

The advertised documents are available for viewing here, or alternatively printed copies are on display at the City of South Perth Civic Centre and City libraries.

George Ashton - Town Planner


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